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Carton 3 Layers Box


3-layer carton is commonly used in manufacturing companies, warehouses, supermarkets, as well as processing plants for import and export activities.

3-layer carton packaging and other types of multi-layer packaging are urgently needed by the rapidly growing packaging market. With a high demand for using carton packaging to safely pack products that need to be transported to another location.

Ranked in terms of durability. It is behind 7-layer carton packaging and 5-layer carton packaging. Withstand the weight and volume of goods relative to the products during transportation.

2. Specifications

3-layer carton composed of 1 middle corrugated layer and 2 surface layers:

– Face layer: The outermost layer of paper, white or brown, usually flat, smooth, beautiful paper to print logos or necessary information.

– Corrugated layer: Consists of a layer of corrugated paper, which has the effect of creating rigidity and bearing capacity for the carton.

– Bottom layer: The outermost layer of paper, white or brown, usually flat, smooth paper. It can be a layer of normal paper or a layer of hard paper that aids in power steering

3. Applications

3-layer carton packaging is a common product for packaging small and light goods such as: Shoes, Sandals, Household Items, Food, Beverages, etc. Or products that need to be covered to protect the surface and have a large cross-section such as: Furniture, Wood Flooring, Industrial Plywood and other sheet products, etc.

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