Great ways to reuse cartons!

When you have a stack of cardboard boxes that you don’t use (due to too much online shopping?), Recycling is a smart and economical choice, so before you ditch those boxes, check out these super projects. This creative and fun way to repurpose cardboard into something useful, unique, beautiful and unique. 1.Hand-made cardboard shoe rack/shoe. . .

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Offset Printed Cardboard Box

Offset printing is a printing technique in which ink-stained images are pressed onto rubber sheets – offset plates first and then pressed from this rubber pad onto paper.   What is offset printing carton box? Offset printing carton box is a product printed with eye-catching colors and images, using corrugated paper (from 2 to 5. . .

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Symbols on the carton box

Symbols on the carton   Today you will see symbols and symbols on most products. In order to increase consumer awareness which includes a comprehensive knowledge of what they are buying and also where it ends up after use, the manufacturer has tried to convey all the important information and necessary to consumers through the. . .

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Basic Standards Of Export Packing Cartons

Standard export carton packing Cardboard boxes are used to pack thousands of different products, so they are extremely diverse from size, color, design to production materials. Carton boxes are usually made from materials such as wood chips, recycled paper, etc. Different from ordinary cartons and cartons. Carton boxes for exporting goods require high quality when. . .

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